Itching between the toes

Itching between the fingers is a very common disease among the population.itching between the toes, fungal symptomsItching rarely exists on its own as a disease. Most of the time, this is just a symptom of another illness. Finding out the cause of the itch is not always easy. It could be anything from genetic problems to fungal diseases.

Itching is an uncontrolled need of a sick person for a constant mechanical action on the skin - scratching. In almost all cases, the pruritus is neuroallergic in nature, but sometimes the pruritus is an independent disease in which a pronounced dermatosis is not observed. In some cases, it works as a symptom of a skin condition, in which signs of acne are determined during a medical examination.

Itching is never characterized by a pronounced clinical picture, even in the most severe cases of the disease, only traces of itching can be noticed. Particularly prone to itching are areas of the skin where it is especially sensitive, for example, in the crook of the elbow, in the groin area, between the fingers and toes. Most of the time, the disease manifests itself constantly, some patients notice paroxysmal itching, which is especially worse at night.

General information

Itching can be expressed by redness, scaly skin. Moisture is also common in the itchy areas. All of this is the body's protective reaction to the itch that arises.

If you start to feel itchy between your fingers or toes, check the folds of skin where the irritation is. You can find:

  • redness, change in skin tone;
  • peeling of the layers of the epidermis;
  • signs of allergy (irritation);
  • thickening of the skin in an itchy area.

All of this suggests that you will probably soon need to see a professional dermatologist. You can also do the treatment yourself. However, in this case, no one can guarantee the outcome of the treatment. You can not only fail to improve the situation, you can also put it in an even worse situation.

With self-treatment, measures such as maintaining personal hygiene, limiting access to allergens, and other simple procedures will help. However, if the cause is a fungal disease or other serious medical condition, such as a genetic predisposition, a medical professional should be treated. You must not do what you can do best and most safely.

Causes of Itchy Toes

The causes of itching between the toes can vary and it can be difficult to diagnose correctly.

However, if you have recently come into contact with an allergen that irritates you, this may be one of its manifestations. Even if such a reaction has not been encountered before.

Also, a very common reason is lack of personal hygiene. Each person should take care of cleaning their body, changing their underwear and taking a shower every day.

Dry skin is also one of the common causes. In that case, don't worry too much. Just consult a doctor, choose the right creams and apply them to your skin.

Generalized causes of itching:

  • fungal diseases;
  • premature change of linen (fingers);
  • allergic manifestations;
  • dry skin;
  • contact with sick pets;
  • genetic predisposition to the disease.

Usually, each of the symptoms can be successfully treated at home (except for genetic abnormalities). To do this, simply consult a doctor and prescribe the high-quality treatment that's right for you.

How to treat and where to go?

You should consult your doctor as soon as you notice the first signs of itching. However, if it is an allergic reaction, the itching is likely to go away by itself. If you are sure you are not allergic, you should take this problem more seriously.

First, you need to think about how often you change underwear, do hygiene procedures, and so on. Perhaps, to get rid of bothersome itching, just increase the frequency of such procedures.

In the case of a fungal disease or lichen (in a pet), it is worth contacting a private clinic or district clinic to see a qualified physician. For more serious illnesses, he will accurately determine the cause and treatment of the illness.

In this simple way you can get rid of the itch that keeps you from working normally and doing your personal business.